Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hijab Tutorial 2013 paris style

Salam Syawal everyone, hope you had a very fulfilling Ramadhan

I took some time off in the month of Ramadhan to recharge my spiritual batteries, and it was an amazing experience. I'm really sad it ended so soon. However, in the spirit of Syawal, I'm here with a treat! Since I have been inundated with a lot of requests asking me how i wear my hijab, I've decided to share how i wear the hijab. I'm not too good with video tutorials and there are already loads of very useful videos out there, so what I've done is to prepare some simple pix-by-pix steps which i hope is clear and useful.

Actually, I had already planned to share how i don the hijab since late last year. I had these pictures taken way back in November 2011, but some of you will know that that was the time when suddenly work started to become really hectic, so these step-by-step pics were unfortunately left rotting in its poor file somewhere until I remembered about them and then dug them up recently (today).

I call this the Pari-Pari style. Most of my shawls are from Pari-Pari Design, and in my opinion only their shawls work best with this style, as it has juuust the right length and width to execute this. They also have a few types of cuttings and shapes, that's why you can see that at certain times the way I wear the hijab can be different, although peculiarly similar. If i wear other shawls, the end result isn't quite the same, although the beauty of this style is that even though it's a very very very very simple style, it's also very very versatile! Of course, the fact that Pari-Pari comes out with the most gorgeous and diverse range of colours also helps! Believe me, they have different collections and different shades of everything you can go crazy if you're not careful! You'll love them all. If you're interested in buying from them, you can visit my blog for more information!

Wearing the hijab in this style allows you to improvise greatly, as you can either wear it loose or fasten it with pins. It pretty much depends on your face type and shape, and pretty much the style you want to go for. The number of pins you will need ranges from a minimum of 2 to however many you want!

I'll post up some sample styles at the end of the tutorial to show how you can vary the style of your hijab according to your own preference (or mood).

So, okay! Enough with words.. Here we go!

Adjust your shawl over your head with one end shorter than the other. Wrap the short end of the shawl under your neck and adjust it accordingly to cover your neck.

Pin the short end above or behind your ears.

You can place another pin behind your ears on the longer part of the shawl to fasten it in place.

Now bring and wrap around the longer part of the shawl completely over your head.
Depending on the look I want to achieve, sometimes I hold one part and adjust the shape accordingly.

Pin the top part behind the ears to hold the shawl in place (If necessary, you can put an additional pin on the top of your head).


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